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The features inside NUKEX add up to deliver a compositing solution which is much more than just the sum of its parts.

NUKEX has all the essential features of NUKE extended with an integrated 3D camera tracker, depth generator, tools for automatic lens distortion correction and FURNACECORE, the nucleus of The Foundry's Academy Award©-winning FURNACE technology.

NUKEX gives artists greater creative freedom through an integrated workflow, dramatically increasing the efficiency of core compositing tasks. The extended tools within NUKEX allow artists to work efficiently, interactively and in context of the visual effects process - not easy with a separate stand-alone application.

Direct access to the scene and camera geometry provided by the camera tracker can dramatically increase the efficiency and accuracy of core compositing tasks, such as the 3D scene reconstruction, texture re-projection, animated rotoscoping and clean plate generation

FURNACECORE and the automatic lens analysis increase productivity by automating some fo the relatively pedestrian tasks, leaving artists free to concentrate on more creative work - tasks such as wire and rig removal, retiming, noise and grain removal and matching CGI with live action material.


Differences between NUKEX and NUKE

NUKEX combines the feature-set of NUKE with the following additional capabilities

3D Camera Tracker

  • Integrates directly into NUKE's 2D/3D image processing environment, providing live and in-context access to NUKE's powerful pre- and post-processing tools.
  • Analyze 2D image sequences, and automatically solve to reconstruct the 3D camera with unknown, approximate or known, constant or varying constraints
  • Control automatic track selection and distribution, and add user generated track data
  • Automatic 3D point cloud and camera creation native to NUKE's 3D environment. Create reference geometry and cards positioned at tracked points in the 3D scene

Camera Lens Distortion Tools

  • Integrates directly into NUKE's 2D image processing environment
  • Unwarp and warp image sequences using a parametric lens model
  • Lens modelling through automatic analysis or manual feature identification


NUKEX comes with FURNACECORE, the core plug-ins from The Foundry's Academy Award©-winning FURNACE toolset, which have undergone many enhancements.

  • Kronos - high quality time warping based on optical flow technologies
  • MatchGrade - copy the grade from one sequence to another
  • MotionBlur - add realistic blur based on the motion in the scene
  • DeNoise - removes or reduces all kinds of noise from your footage
  • DeGrain - optimised removal of film grain from a plate
  • ReGrain - add grain to your clean plates or graphics from stock, or sample your own
  • DeFlicker2 - removes in-scene flicker from light sources of all kinds
  • Steadiness - smooth a shots camera move, or lock off a shot completely
  • RigRemoval - remove unwanted foreground objects from a shot.
  • Align - align similar shots automatically
  • WireRemoval - quickly clean up wires
  • VectorGenerator - generates motion vectors for use in other nodes
Nuke Interface

Features shared with NUKE

3D Compositing

NUKE's powerful 3D workspace supports OBJ import, projection mapping, geometry modifiers, and more. This true 3D environment creates powerful workflows and exciting new ways to approach compositing.

Stereoscopic Support

NUKE 5 has included support for working with stereoscopic and multi-view projects.

Multi-channel, High Dynamic Range Support

NUKE delivers the industry's broadest support for EXR images. Read, process and write over a thousand channels per stream, improving data management and workflow.


NUKE’s exclusive Image Based Keyer (IBK) gives artists powerful tools for dealing with uneven backings. Primatte and Keylight are built-in.

Flexible User Interface

Savable layouts, dockable panels, GUI customization capabilities and features like the 'bullseye' and 'input' buttons make managing large, complex composites easier than ever.

Fast Rendering

Even when processing high resolution footage at 32-bit floating point precision on modest hardware, NUKE's multi-threaded, scanline-based rendering engine gives rapid feedback.


NUKE offers an extremely open architecture. Both its node graph and user interface are accessible through the Python and TCL scripting languages, making it possible to customize NUKE in innumerable ways. If you really want to drill down, NUKE supports the industry standard OFX plug-in API as well as a native developers' kit (NDK) for creating your own tightly integrated plug-ins.


All of The Foundry's OpenFX™ (OFX) plug-ins are fully compatible with NUKE. Plug-ins are available from The Foundry and third party plug-in vendors.